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Social Responsibility

TRAVERSIO has implemented social responsibility programs, including skills transfer, industry education, charitable sponsorships and community development plans since its inception.

Skills Transfer

Internationally, TRAVERSIO is committed to employment creation.  A shining example is TRAVERSIO in South Africa.  Since its inception, TRAVERSIO SA has been involved in the skills transfer to previously disadvantaged learners of the THETA accredited program – The National Certificate in Tourism - Event Support through Party Design Training and the Institute of Event Management, and other sources. TRAVERSIO has a policy of promotion from within our organisation, so we invest considerable effort in training our people.

eTour project

TRAVERSIO SA is working on an innovative project to extend the benefits of the web-based marketing to South African communities that ordinarily would not have access to such privilege. The project is being piloted by transferring the skills required to the community who in turn develop the product, thereby empowering them to do it themselves.  TRAVERSIO is driving the private sector commitment to the project.


TRAVERSIO regularly sponsors its services to Charitable causes, the most recent being the 2003 WORLD COOKS TOUR in South Africa, raising money in aid of combating hunger.

Industry Education

TRAVERSIO has implemented a series of Industry workshops and training. Recognising the need to enhance technology skills in this industry, TRAVERSIO put an industry programme for the quarterly staging of educational events in South Africa and Australia.  The aim is to raise industry skills to international levels – and convey the importance of embracing IT to become a truly international destination. The pilot event with SAACI (Southern African Association for the Conference Industry) was a major success.  


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